Top 10 Twitter Tips – Increase the Effectiveness of your Twitter Marketing

If you’ve not heard of Twitter in 2012, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? Twitter has been a popular social network for many, but over the past 2 years the amount of users has exploded!  There are around 1 million Twitter accounts created every single day!  So if you’re new to Twitter or just not sure how best to spend your time on this short-but-sweet social network then listen up for my Top 10 Twitter Tips!

1. Share relevant content  - This may be an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at the amount of businesses sharing what they had for lunch!  Sharing content that is relevant to your industry is an essential step in establishing authority and curating content for your followers.  Usually when sharing relevant content, a link is necessary to direct your followers to the expanded article/video/podcast etc.

2. Share content in your own voice – We can see great examples of this from brands such as Graze who use an informal, laid-back tone of voice.  Broadcasting a consistent personality from your brand will help followers recognise you.  People talk to people, not some auto-tweet spam bot, so tweet how you talk in real-life and your followers will start to warm to you (unless your cold and evil!!).

3. Exploit Twitter Search – By using the advanced search features of Twitter we can drill down and find profiles that match our target market.  You can search by location, what words they use, who has mentioned them and the sentiment of the tweet, amongst other variables.  We can also use search to identify users that may be in need of your services or have a problem you can solve.  This very useful as we can then follow them and response in real-time to start building a relationship with them.

4. Use Keywords in your Tweets – It’s important to use keywords in all your tweets so that users searching for keywords relating to your industry can find your content.  What I want you to do is make a list of all the keywords relating to your industry and drop one or two in every tweet, but make sure you are linking to relevant content. Top 10 #Twitter Tips – Increase the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing – #twitterhelp Please RT

5. Network With Influencers – It’s vital that you integrate this tip into your everyday usage on Twitter.  Networking with key influencers in your industry will really help you build relationships with people who have huge networks and lots of influence.  Just imagine if you could persuade someone in your industry with over 100,000  targeted followers to re-tweet your content?! Your message would reach a huge audience!!!
6. Break the Ice – When connecting with users that you want to build a relationship with, you need to start with an icebreaker.  It’s best to comment on a piece of their content and link to something similar of yours.  You should then start to see more re-tweets, blog comments and followers.  This proves to be another powerful method of networking and spreading your content to the right audiences.

7. Be Transparent – Transparency lends credibility, so if you mess up, admit it.  It’s always best to own up if there has been a problem, this shows your not perfect and gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your customer service skills.  Openness helps build credibility and trustworthiness.
8. Use Hashtags (#) – Using a hash tag for a competition/event/offer/challenge can create a channel of conversation focused around one topic with your brand at the centre. This is a powerful way to let your customers interact with each other.  You can even reward them by posting their tweets on your website.
9. Link Back to YOUR Site - Twitter can be a great network to promote an e-book or webinar by directing your followers back to your website to grab their free content in exchange for an e-mail address.  This is a great way to consolidate relationships on Twitter, by adding them to your list you will be able to provide them with more valuable content.


10. Use Hootsuite- Improve the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing by using web tools.  Hootsuite lets you manage all your accounts in one place with the option monitoring certain keywords, hashtags, lists etc. By setting up a search stream with industry related keywords you will be able to filter through the noise .


What’s your favourite Twitter tip?? Have I missed any that are working for you?  Please let me know in the comments and I will add your tips to my article.

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  1. Steve Vernon
    Twitter: Nonrevs

    Great post – well written

    • Tom Crawshaw

      Thanks Steve, I appreciate your kind words :) I hope you can spare a few mins and check out my other posts!


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