The New Facebook Timeline – Beginners Guide

Many of you will have made the change over to the new Facebook profile layout – Timeline, which is now available to everyone! But this has left many people confused and wondering how to use it.

For those who don’t already have Timeline, here’s how you can get it: then click ‘Get Timeline’ at the bottom right.


Here is your beginners guide on how to use your Timeline:


  1. Cover – The first thing you will notice that appears above (and behind) your profile pic.  You can upload any photo to the cover slot and it will automatically re-size.  Your best option is to create a custom cover using the dimensions 1200px x 441px in Photoshop (or any other image editor), so you can personalize it with as many photos, text or graphics you want.

  2. Activity Log – This is where you can view all your posts and activity since you joined Facebook.  This section can only be accessed by yourself and is not on your public profile.

  3. Timeline – As you scroll down the page you will be able to see all your posts, wall activity and interactions with your friends in reverse chronological order, just like a timeline!

  4. New Buttons – The star and pencil icons are new features that you will find on your wall posts and activity your are involved in.  The star button will feature that story that specific story on you Timeline, expanding it across both sides.  The pencil button will give you the option to ‘Hide from Timeline’, ‘Delete Post’ or ‘Report/Mark as Spam’.

  5. View as friend – This option is available on the dropdown cog next to activity log and enables you to view your profile as your friends would.

  6. 7 Day Grace Period – be sure to edit your timeline and privacy setting to what you are comfortable with.  They will see your old profile until you either “Publish” your timeline or after the 7 day grace period.


What are your thoughts on the new Timeline? 

Do you like the layout?

Worried about Privacy?

Leave your comments below.





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