The Influence & Power of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media levels the playing field for businesses who want to make it big. Our ever expanding social networks have given rise to an unprecedented opportunity to influence audiences on a mass scale.   The influence and power of social media is phenomenal! But just what makes social media such a powerful tool?

In this infographic you will learn:

  • How many users are on the major social networks
  • How much time we spend on them per month
  • How often we visit them
  • How they influence our life offline
  • How they help our business

I would love to hear how social media affects your offline life and your business in the comments below, I always respond :) 

Reference: Dashburst (they have some AMAZING infographics!)


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New Graphic

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  1. Michelle Masri says:

    I love your presentation of this information – the graphic elements really made it wonderful to read this very useful information.


    • Tom Crawshaw

      Thanks Michelle! It wasn’t my company that put the infographic together but there’s some interesting info on it :)
      Check out the guys who put it together >>

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