The Effect of Social Media Distractions at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

With many of us now using social media on a daily basis, have you ever thought about the effect of social media distractions at work?  Interruptions from social media updates or the urge to constantly check Facebook negatively impacts the American economy $650 billion a year!  The average worker gets interrupted on average every 10.5 minutes, taking an average of 23 minutes to return to an assigned task!

One of the most important and valuable lessons I’ve been taught is to ‘Never be held ransom to your e-mail inbox“.  This basically means you should only be checking your inbox 2-3 times per day.   Check your inbox any more than this and risk wasting your day away on someone else’s agenda.    I would also restrict your social media access to a couple of times a day if you want to make effective use of your time and reduce the effect of social media distractions at work.

Or if you need to monitor you inbox all day, hire a VA to check up on it!  Your time can be spend doing something more productive and whenever important e-mails come through, your VA can send you a summary at intervals during the day.

Here’s an infographic highlighting some scary stats about how much time is wasted due to distractions.  Thanks to Mashable and Rede App for the article.

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The Effect of Social Media Distractions at Work



Why social media can’t be ignored if you want to grow your business

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