Social Media News Round-Up Wednesday 25th January

Hey there, hope your all doing well this week!

I’ve been scouring the web once again to find juicy social media news stories and all the latest tips and tricks to help you improve your social presence.

I have decided to include an important article about Facebook App Integration, as many partners are now operating a ‘seemless share’ function, which allows certain apps and website to automatically post on your timeline (after you allow them to) with the content you are digesting.

Another major talking point in the news and around the world was the SOPA bill that the USA were trying to pass in order to cut down on piracy.  This article includes an infographic showing how social media had an impact on the decision that was made.

Finally, I have linked you all to one of my favourite sources of great content  They have written a short article on ’3 Signs Your Facebook Marketing Needs to Get Serious’.

I’d love to know your views on the SOPA bill, please leave a comment below.  I personally feel this could endanger free speech and lead to an unproductive webspace.

Facebook App Integration – Social Media Examiner


Social media news and new developments making social media marketing easier. (Facebook Apps, SOPA, CardMunch, email integration, social logins, Hootsuite users)

Infographic: How The People Leveraged Social Media To Change


The protest was enough to stop SOPA in its tracks (at least for the time being), and, the world’s largest database of infographic, has put together a nice visualization of ‘How the People and Social Media Changed

3 Signs Your Facebook Marketing Needs To Get Serious


Here are three signs that someone isn’t heading down the right path in social media.

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