Social Media News Round-Up Thursday 12th January

Social media is a constantly evolving landscape with new techniques a strategies being devised every day. I have scoured the net to find the most interesting and relevant posts for you guys to enjoy.

A favourite of mine is the Social Media Examiner post that includes the top 10 social media blog finalists. If you’re wanting a wealth a expert content on the subject of social media, look no further than this list. Packed full of the internets best bloggers, I’m sure you will find answers to any questions you have about social media on the blogs listed.

Hope you enjoy my news catch-up, please leave me a nice comment below and let me know which link you got the most value from.

Finalists: Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2012 | Social Media Examiner


Top 10 Social Media Blog Finalists: Here are the finalists for our 3rd annual contest and how our judges will make the final winner selection.

The One Thing Most Social Media Marketers Forget [Plus ...


Christmas only comes once a year and it is fun to see the children tear off the paper and unwrap their presents. It is more like a destruction derby than a party! Paper, string and wrapping fly in all directions as the journey of toy ...

The Importance of a Fan Base [Infographic] – Hubze Social Media


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6 Incredible Examples Of How Twitter Predicts The Future | Twitter


Whilst in the past week, I wanted to focus on tips to help you get the most out of Twitter and using Facebook, there is something quite different about today’s post. How does predicting the future with the likes of Twitter and

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