My #1 Secret to Getting More Blog Traffic

Have you ever wanted to drive more targeted traffic to your blog, reach a wider audience on Twitter, get more Re-Tweets, shares and likes on your blog posts? My number #1 secret to getting more blog traffic lies within an amazing blogger network called Triberr

What is this magical network?
For those who haven’t discovered this secret weapon, Triberr is a network of bloggers who join tribes relevant to the industry they are blogging about. The platform provides a quick and easy way for your content to be shared with the networks of other tribe members. You can quickly gain huge exposure in just a short space of time. After joining several weeks ago, my posts now get re-tweeted by tribe members who have 10-100x the followers I do!  Join Tirberr and you will be well on your way to getting more blog traffic.

How does it work?
After posting several insightful comments in the tribe you wish to join, you may request an invite. Once your request has been accepted you will start to receive posts from other tribe members in your tribe stream. The tribe stream offers a quick and easy way to share other tribe members posts. By clicking approve, Triberr will automatically post to Twitter. Other sharing options include posting to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Stumbleupon. Getting more blog traffic couldn’t be easier! Check the analytics on your posts, I’ve seen a 50% increase in page views for every post!
All you need to do is produce quality content on a regular basis for your tribe members to share. There is a WordPress plug-in available that automatically feeds your new content straight to Triberr.

Tribe Members
You will come across some very influential figures with huge networks when joining a tribe. I have been fortunate enough to have my posts shared with Neal Schaffer , David Snape, Shelly Kramer and Forbes top 10 social media infulencer Steve Farnsworth, all with networks 50-100x larger than mine (on Twitter)!!

How to get started…
I guess by now, if you’re a blogger, you are dying to hop over to Triberr to try this gem out for yourself – here’s a guide to getting started. It’s pretty straightforward to set-up your account but I found the layout somewhat confusing to begin with. There are tabs labeled bones and bonfires, initially I had no idea what these meant! Don’t worry there some actionable advice on their blog if you have any problems.

Thanks for reading; I hope that many of you give Triberr a go! To those already on Triberr, please leave a quick comment below and answer this question…are you getting more blog traffic?

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  1. Marc Ashley says:

    Hi Tom, I just read one of your tweets and was wondering how this Triberr thing has worked out for you? How much has your traffic risen since you joined?

    • thomascrawshaw

      Hi Marc, apologies for the late reply, I have been having problems with one of my plug-ins. Triberr has been great for my blog posts. I’m getting huge exposure on Twitter especially, with 100,000′s of additional followers seeing my content!
      My traffic has increase by around 50% per post, and this is increasing every week. I have started to see more subscribers to my list too! Have you made a start on Triberr yet?


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