Maximize Your Tweets – How to Write Tweets that get Clicks

So you’re sat on Twitter tweeting away what you ‘think’ will be a ‘big hit’ with your audience.   Your approach may work some of the time, but there are some tweaks you can make to maximise the exposure of your tweets and increase the likelihood of getting a re-tweet or a mention.   Learning how to write tweets that get clicks isn’t a difficult task.

Want to take your Twitter strategy to the next level, here’s some top advice for you - Top 10 Twitter Tips – Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing.

I have found an awesome infographic that contains a ton of research on how to write tweets that get clicks:

  • Best days to tweet for higher engagement (you should be posting everyday)
  • The best times to tweet
  • Optimal tweet length
  • The benefit of #hashtags
  • How to increase RT’s

If you a little unsure about some of the Twitter language you can find some great tips from one of my previous articles – Top 10 Twitter Abbreviations you Need to Know.

Have you found certain days and times get higher engagement for your business on Twitter? Let me know in the comments! 



Why social media can’t be ignored if you want to grow your business

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