How to Determine Facebook and Twitter ROI [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do marketers determine social media ROI?  This a question asked by many CEO’s and business owners that challenges marketers to deliver value from social media and make a return on their investment (check out one of my older posts on Social ROI).    So it’s no surprise that 77% of CEO’s think that marketers don’t really talk about what matters; sales.

I present to you an infographic filled with some of the latest polls and interesting mini-case studies that show support for social media ROI.  In fact, Edible Arrangements actually saw a double digit sales increase after a Facebook promotion!

Infographics have a really powerful viral nature (let’s hope this one gets shared far and wide!), Wordstream created 2 infographics and later received 2000 likes, 1200 tweets and hundreds of leads that lead to sales.

So get sharing people!! If you have any interesting stats about ROI please share them in the comments section below :) 

This infographic was brought to you by the InventHelp marketing team.

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  1. Edward says:

    This is interesting. I am certainly in the skeptical camp when it comes to social media however the arguments put across for customer service and market research / feedback make perfect sense.

    Companies may be able to see a massive return on investment via social media but this is when they already have a big social presence and the social media manager is smart enough to know how to monetize that properly.

    How would i see a return on investment in social media management if i was just a small company just starting out, counting every penny and i had a very small following?

    I am assuming that for it to be worth spending $4.500 on a video for example then you would have to have a pretty big presence already. You either need a big presence on social networks or traffic on a website that you can convert in to a presence.

    What can a social media manager do for me if i have neither?

    • thomascrawshaw

      Thanks for your comment Edward.
      It’s important to remember social media takes place as part of an existing marketing strategy. The more innovative and exciting your existing marketing strategy the easier it will be for you to integrate this into social media. But, you can’t solely rely on social media as your only online presence, I see many small businesses failing as they have no other means of generating traffic and interest in their social media properties.

      The ROI has been proven but let’s remember it’s not just about the ROI in terms of £££, the relationship with your customer is your most valuable asset. The stronger the relationship with your customer the more times they will buy off you and promote your business via word of mouth, for free! If you have a system in place that can track users from social media sources on your website, you can then determine if they are purchasing off you and calculate an ROI.

      You don’t need a massive budget, Fiverr is a great resource for cheap videos and other marketing related tasks, but your results will be proportional to your investment. Low investment = low results.

      I hope this has helped.

      • Edward says:

        Yes, thanks i can see your point that relationships are important. I guess i need to look at the bigger picture. . .

        I think i Do need some tracking in place. For this AND e-commerce. Have you tried the new analytics though?? I think you need a CS degree just to get it working!

        Onwards and upwards :)


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