How NOT to Run Your Facebook Campaign – RULE 1

“Build it and they will come” is a common mindset I have come across many times when consulting with small business owners and perhaps you may have once held this view.

With limited knowledge of facebook, many business owners have approached in the wrong way.

To set up a fan page (maybe with a handful of updates) and leave it for an extended time in the hope your fans will find you, is very wishful thinking.  Without proper knowledge and training I don’t blame them for this unproductive mindset.
Thankfully this is becoming rarer and rarer as small business owners have paid more attention to the marketing opportunities now available to them through social media. They have also realised (maybe you have too) that a large chunk of their competitors are already active on various social networks, usually including facebook and twitter, and don’t want to fall behind.

These businesses are fearful of missing out on what others are already using to their advantage and quite rightly so.  Social media offers massive reach, engagement and ROI for those that have a clearly defined strategy.  Those that don’t may not see the results they were really looking for.

Are you struggling with your social media strategy, please get in-touch for some FREE advice via e-mail:

If you’ve ever had this mindset or know a business that does/did, I’d love to know so please leave your comments below.  Share this with your networks to help spread the word.

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