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 With the recent offering of Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages many of you will be be stuck wondering how the changes are going to affect your social media marketing strategy.  You may have heard or read about some of the brand new features, but how can you use these effectively and what new possibilities are available to Fan Pages!

Well just to let you in on a couple of them….you can now message brands, pin posts at the top of your timeline, NO landing tab can be set as default and many many more.

I have saved you the hassle of digging around the net for the latest update on the Facebook Fan Page re-vamp.  Here are a handful of extremely useful links that have action steps that you can implement right away!

So please have a read and post your Fan Page links in the comments below, I would love to see what you’ve done with your timeline cover!  Check out the Initi8 Marketing Timeline cover.


Facebook Timeline – It’s About Timeline!


While the jury is out about Facebook’s Timeline, one thing is certain: it’s headed your way. As of March 30, Timeline becomes compulsory for both individuals and Brands. Which means “new look & feel”: new layout, new

Facebook Timeline For Fan Pages: 21 Key Points For Marketers


Your Facebook fan page will automatically convert to the new Timeline design on March 30. This post walks you through key elements you need to know…

A Guide To New Facebook For Busy Social Media Marketers


What the Facebook Timeline Updates Mean for your Startup Oh dear! Facebook Timeline for Brands: 10 Things to Get Right – In this Social Media Examiner post offers a great overview of the 10 things not to overlook.

Facebook Timeline for Pages: Way More Than a Pretty Cover


We’ve mostly gotten comfy with the changes to our personal pages when Facebook went to the timeline model, but trust me, that was nothing compared to the.

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  1. Catherine Riley says:

    Thanks for the useful summary.
    I am so loving timeline for fan pages – its just so visual which is great for designers like me.
    The loss of a landing page is a struggle but I think the strength of the new visual impact, the ability to pin posts and the new aps that are springing up daily more than compensate.

    • thomascrawshaw
      Twitter: http://twitter.com/Initi8Marketing

      Not a problem cat :) Really appreciate your feedback on my post.

      I’m loving the new changes as well, although we both seem to be in the minority. I think for the creative type like us it’s great! But for the average user who isn’t quite accustomed to change will find it all too sudden!

      The only way you can send traffic to your ex-landing tabs now is to use advertising (very sneaky trick from Facebook)! I will be experimenting with pinning certain posts and links to tabs and see what sort of response I get my me and my clients.

      Hope your well Cat anyhow! I will head over to your Fan Page now!

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