We work with a wide variety of clients ranging from hairdressers, restaurants, national magazines and festivals to name a few!

Here are some of our happy clients:

Feedback from a 1/2 day consultation session with Davidson Gray




AlphaFit Magazine

Goal – To increase awareness, reach and interaction with the magazine through social media.

Measurement – Monitor number of likes, people talking about, reach, hits from Facebook to website, re-tweets, mentions and followers on Twitter.

Evaluation – Over a 2 month period we analyzed data from social media and website – Facebook is currently generating 20% of all traffic to website, increased engagement of an additional 70 people talking about that created a viral reach of 6,113 from 514.

Twitter has proven very effective, with an increase of over 500 followers and between 20-30 re-tweets and mentions per week.



We now currently drive over 30% of  AlphaFit’s web traffic from social media sources by using a mix of content from their blog and competitions on their fan page.  AF have recently had a very successful launch of their new mobile app.  We helped them reach 7000 downloads in their 1st 7 days!! This secured them a spot in the top 50 app downloads charts on the iPhone!




Crooked Ways Festival

Goal – To increase awareness and visibility of Crooked Ways festival on Facebook & Twitter.

Measurement - Monitor number of likes, people talking about, reach, hits from Facebook to website, re-tweets, mentions and followers on Twitter.

Results – In just the first few weeks we were able to increase the reach of their Facebook Fan Page from around 7000 on April 25th to 64,600!  This is almost a 10x increase.  Their twitter page has received hundreds of mentions and re-tweets in the short space of time we have been running their campaign.


” Thomas from Initi8 Marketing created our social media strategy and managed both Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The accounts quickly gained momentum and he was able to double the fan count and quadruple the engagement on our fan page and increase our Twitter following by over 300 in the first 3 months.  I wondered weather all this had actually generated any business.  After checking some names and numbers it was evident that they have acquired us an additional 7 new clients, many of which are now regulars. This equates to 200% ROI for the 3 months and 500% over the year due to repeat custom! Thanks Initi8 Marketing, we now have an effective, working strategy.”
 Alistair Dixon, Director  - Renegade Hair Salon, Leeds.



Renegade Hair Salon

Goal – to acquire new customers by offering 25% off first cut via Facebook & Twitter.

Measurement – collect names of users that have been given the discount then cross-reference booking system in salon to determine who has booked and how much they have spent.

Evaluation – Calculate ROI (Return on Investment) over initial 3 months – Gained 8 new clients = 500% ROI (based on value of a customer over 1 year).


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